Monthly Archive: August 2009

Hacking the 'Read more' Link in Drupal

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When displaying a list of node teasers, Drupal includes a 'Read more' item within a list of links at the bottom of each node. Other items in this list include links for adding comments, the number of page reads and other node-specific actions. For users not familiar with Drupal, this link can be easily missed, making it not particularly obvious that there is more information available.

Graph - Annual Temperatures (Processing.js)

This graph is an example of embedding a Processing.js script. This uses the same basic syntax as Processing itself but parses the code into JavaScript using canvas drawing functions. This could be a very effective means of generating dynamic content.

Graph - Annual Temperatures (Google Charts)

Open /scripts/data-visualisation/graph-annual-temperatures-google

The graph is one of my experiments with Google's Visualisation API as a possible means of interactive web-based data presentation. It's an implementation of an annotated time line graph that Google originally developed for showing stock exchange data - used here to show annual hourly air temperature values. It contains a whole year worth of hourly temperature data for San Francisco, so it can take a little while for the graph to appear.