Monthly Archive: September 2009

Workshop: Mastering Performative Design with Ecotect

I will be presenting a research workshop at the ACADIA 2009 conference in Chicago on the 20th-21st of October 2009, to be held at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). The aim of this workshop is explore the boundaries of generative and performative design using Autodesk Ecotect Analysis, Green Building Studio and Revit.

Master Class: BIM & Building Performance Analysis

I will be presenting a master class at the Design Modelling Symposium in Berlin on the 5th-8th of October, 2009 at the Universität der Künste. This will cover the use of BIM data for a range of different types of performance analysis and the best ways to convert and transfer what you need.

Can I Calculate the Building Compactness Ratio ?

My local authority needs the 'Compactness Ratio' for my building, which is the ratio of room volume to floor area. Can I calculate this is Ecotect ?

The following script will solve your problem, allowing you to calculate the ratio of zone volume to floor area. It also demonstrates the generation of a simple HTML report showing values for each thermal zone in the model as well as summed overall values at the bottom.

What is the best way to iterate over objects in Ecotect ?

I see that I can simply cycle through all object in the model, but sometimes I want only certain types or just selected objects. Are there easier and quicker ways of doing this ?

One of the tasks you often need to do in an Ecotect script is iterate over objects within the model. This could just be to count all the DOOR elements or you may need to calculate the total area of all FLOOR objects. The example functions shown here illustrate different ways to do this depending on whether you want all objects or those of a certain type, on a certain zone or just from the current selection set.

How Can I Add a Child to Another Object in a Script ?

I'd like to create an object and then add one or more child windows to it. I can add a new window, but how do I make it an actual hole in a wall.

The easiest way to add a child object is simply to create it and then use the command to link it to it's parent object. This emulates using the Edit»Link Objects menu item. The following script snippit shows how to do this...


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Stung by Drupal's Filter Caching, Again

When will I ever learn? I just lost another few hours of my life because - again - I didn't properly understand Drupal's filter cache system.