Monthly Archive: November 2009

Generative Design

In the context of this site, Generative Design is taken to mean the manipulation of one or more aspects of a building's form or materiality in response to the results of a progressive series of performance calculations. In this way the geometry, material properties and/or operational characteristics of a building can be optimised to meet specific performance criteria.

Performative Design

Performative design basically means considering the wide array of building performance issues simultaneously with all other aspects that shape a design, right from the earliest, most formative conceptual stages. It does not, as the name might suggest, mean myopically focussing on meeting performance criteria through the manipulation of form. Instead, it requires the synthesis of performance and form generation engaged with at a time when the design concept is still sufficiently plastic and pliable that it can be shaped as much by these considerations as any other.

Research Publications: Dr. Andrew Marsh

A list of research publications, journal articles and conference papers by Dr. Andrew Marsh, from 1993 to now.

Graph - Robustness Calculator

Open /scripts/data-visualisation/graph-robustness-calculator

A significant problem in the performance analysis of buildings is trying to understand hugely complex data sets that often results from the investigative process. These types of analysis are usually focused on the potential effect of different design parameters on the performance criteria we are designing to meet. The type of graph described here provides a simple means of interactively investigating and visualising complex relationships that may exist within a large number of calculation runs.