Monthly Archive: December 2009

Informative Design

In the context of this site, Informative Design refers to the process of designing visual interfaces, graphics, diagrams and references to quickly convey maximum information rather than just maximum data.

Website Projects

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I have done quite a bit of website development over the years and still like to keep my hand it. Lately I have been using Drupal as a content management system as it provides a great base platform in which you can easily add custom modules and filters. My current interests are AJAX and HTML5, but I have a lot of experience with PHP, Javascript, CSS and plain old HTML. As you can probably tell from the rest of the content, I also experiment a lot with embedded Java applets and Flash.

Educational Tools

This page shows some examples of the interactive Flash applets I have previously developed that communicate and demonstrate different aspects of building performance and environmental design. Unfortunately these are not currently available in this form as they were part of the recent aquisition.