Educational Tools

This page shows some examples of the interactive Flash applets I have previously developed that communicate and demonstrate different aspects of building performance and environmental design. Unfortunately these are not currently available in this form as they were part of the recent aquisition.

Sun Angle Calculator
An interactive slider showing the relationship between noon sun angles and latitude.

Solar Position Calculator
An interactive solar calculator showing position, declination, the equation of time and relative shadow length.

Passive Design Simulator
An animated explanation of the main passive solar design principles featuring direct gain, indirect gain, trombe walls, roof ponds and natural ventilation.

Thermal Mass Simulator
Shows thermal mass effect for some example building materials. Using sliders, you can how different materials respond to surface temperature fluctuations.

PMV Comfort Calculator
An interactive calculator, implementing ISO 7730-1993 (E). A Simple "drag the sliders" tool that explains the effects of different variables on thermal comfort conditions.

Interactive Psychrometric Chart
A tool for calculating and demonstrating psychrometric processes, as well as overlaying climate classifications and cooling strategies.

Daylight Factor Protractor
Steps users through the process of how to use protractors. Can be directly overlaid on CAD drawings as well as scanned images.

Refractive Index Calculator
Calculates and displays refraction angles as well as the transmitted and reflected portions due to the refractive index of different materials.

Design Sky Calculator
Determines Tregenza’s Design Sky values, based on a cumulative frequency graph of average lux levels.

Reflectance and Absorptance
Calculates simple reflectance and solar absorptance values from selected RBG colour values.

Properties of Sound
A simple tool showing the relationship between velocity, wavelength, frequency and the speed of sound.

Absorber Effect Simulator
A tool to display the relationship of porous absorbers with wavelength and frequency response.

Sound Reduction Index
Demonstrates the relationship of sound reduction indexes with external and internal noise levels.

Longitudinal Wave Simulator
Generates and animates planar and spherical longitudinal waves based on a set of user-specified parameters.

Acoustic Spectrum Graph
Interactively calculates dB(A), dB(B), dB(C), dB(D), NR and STC values from octave band data.

Potential Echo Locator
Displays the potential effect of multiple surface sound reflections based on their level and delay relative to the direct sound.

Equation Plotter
A tool for plotting mathematical equations. The graph is fully configurable, with results able to be printed or copy/pasted into other applications.

Units Conversion Tool
Based on a customisable data file with an extensive list of units, it allows multiple, simultaneous conversions and complex user-defined conversion formula.

Interactive World Map
A simple world map that interfaces with other SQU1 software via DDE to allow accurate location data to be entered or selected with the mouse.

World Time Zones
A tool for calculating time zones at any world location, fully accounting for the complex time zone boundaries on a world map.

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