Research Interests and Personal Projects

This page lays out the basic topics and idealogical structure of this site - listing the things that I experiment with in my spare time. Working now at Autodesk in the AEC Simulation division doesn't leave me much of that, but I do still like to tinker...

Informative Design

  • Data Visualisation
    How to graphically represent complex performative design data in ways that are visually meaningful and communicative.
  • User Interface Design
    My investigations in the design of computer applications, interface elements, graphical displays and integrated help systems to maximise useability whilst minimising training/documentation demands.
  • Educational Materials
    Using new technologies to create highly visual and interactive web-based teaching and learning material.
  • Web Development
    More technical discussions about content management systems (CMS), PHP, databases, embedded media, dynamic HTML and AJAX technologies.

Performative Design

  • Analysis and Simulation
    Discussions about algorithms, simulation methods and analysis tools - and their application in building design.
  • Generative Design Techniques
    Example scripts and other items dealing with the generation or modification of building geometry in direct response to performance analysis.
  • Software Development
    Articles about programming languages, development environments and the dark arts of writing applications for different operating systems.
    • Android and iPhone
      Recent developments in MonoDevelop+MonoTouch and Eclipse+Android SDK have made possible the development of mobile apps in C# and Java. Having previously been put off by an irrational dislike of Objective-C, this whole area has now magically opened up.
    • Java and Processing
      The more I play with it, the more besotted I become with Java for cross-platform application development. Add Processing into the mix and you get fast interactive 3D even embedded in a web browser.
    • Mono and C#
      Mono is an open source cross-platform implementation of the .NET framework, finally allowing C# development of complex applications in Linux and MacOS X, as well as Windows.
  • Autodesk® Ecotect®
    Answers to frequently asked questions and discussions directly relating to Ecotect and, more recently, Autodesk Ecotect Analysis.