Scripting and Automation

Simple Parametric Modelling Experiment

Open /scripts/educational/simple-parametric-modelling-experiment

This applet is an experiment with parametric modelling. The primary focus was the development of an interactive parameter class with a securely bounded range, variable precision, detailed string formatting, tweening/animation support and direct bindings to both the slider and 3D model classes. The result is a simple parametric tower model. This is relatively simple geometry, but I am really quite surprised how fast Java-based graphics can actually be, and this isn't even using OpenGL.

How Can I Calculate the Analysis Grid Area ?

How would I go about calculating the area of the analysis grid that is above a given threshold value. I know I can find the percentage of all points above it, but I need the actual floor-area and preferably very accurately.

This Ecotect script demonstrates how to iterate over the current analysis grid in your model and calculate the actual surface area that is above a given threshold, in this case the current minimum scale value. Whilst Ecotect can already show the percentage of grid points above a threshold, this script includes the fractional areas of cells that are partially above and partially below.