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Performative Design

Performative design basically means considering the wide array of building performance issues simultaneously with all other aspects that shape a design, right from the earliest, most formative conceptual stages. It does not, as the name might suggest, mean myopically focussing on meeting performance criteria through the manipulation of form. Instead, it requires the synthesis of performance and form generation engaged with at a time when the design concept is still sufficiently plastic and pliable that it can be shaped as much by these considerations as any other.

Performative design processes are increasingly viable because the tools for simulating and analysing buildings are becoming increasingly fast, flexible and simpler to use. This means that they can be utilised by designers themselves, instead of just specialist experts, and applied to even the simplest block models. This, in turn, allows their results to be effectively integrated into the early design churn, and for a whole range of design ideas to be pursued, rigorously tested and accepted or rejected very early in a project.

Relevance to this Site

The concept of performative design is of particular interest to the author of this site. As a result, posts on this topic typically fall under the following broad categories:

  • Analysis and Simulation
    Discussions about algorithms, simulation methods and analysis tools - and their application in building design.
  • Generative Design Techniques
    Example scripts and other items dealing with the generation or modification of building geometry in direct response to performance analysis.
  • Software Development
    Articles about programming languages, development environments and the dark arts of writing applications for different operating systems.
    • Android and iPhone
      Recent developments in MonoDevelop+MonoTouch and Eclipse+Android SDK have made possible the development of mobile apps in C# and Java. Having previously been put off by an irrational dislike of Objective-C, this whole area has now magically opened up.
    • Java and Processing
      The more I play with it, the more besotted I become with Java for cross-platform application development. Add Processing into the mix and you get fast interactive 3D even embedded in a web browser.
    • Mono and C#
      Mono is an open source cross-platform implementation of the .NET framework, finally allowing C# development of complex applications in Linux and MacOS X, as well as Windows.
  • Autodesk® Ecotect®
    Answers to frequently asked questions and discussions directly relating to Ecotect and, more recently, Autodesk Ecotect Analysis.
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