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The terms climate data and weather data are often used interchangeably, however there is a subtle but quite important difference between them. When we refer to weather, we typically mean the actual conditions being experienced at a particular time or over a particular period.

Weather data contains recorded or generated data for a number of time increments taken over a measurement period. The exact time increment and period can vary, however the really valuable information is hourly data collected over a whole year. The data collected at each increment can include:

The items marked with an asterix (*) represent the minimum requirements for accurate building thermal performance and/or energy use calculations.

As the means of both collecting and storing weather data can vary quite significantly between different countries (or even different weather stations in the same country), there is a lot of scope for the supply of missing, inaccurate or corrupted data. Thus, a very important skill for any designer is the ability to recognise the characteristics of invalid data sets.

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Sorry, I forgot to write my name on the above question!!!!


Hi Andrew, my question may seem really stupid, but does Ecotect analysis take into account also wind speed and direction?